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Founded by Ifeanyi Oganwu, Expand Design Ltd is a London-based studio engaging in architecture and furniture design by investigating the correlation between history, base materials and opportunities presented by state-of-the-art fabrication techniques. Through our projects, we unearth unidentified typologies that are inspired by the past, grounded in the present, and on a journey to a new aesthetic domain.

Double Agent Suite

Double Agent Suite, 2011 Posted on Mar 28, 2011 23:36:51

Desk, Composite Material, 2011
2960 x 1780 x 827 mm / 116.5 x 70 x 32.6 in

Chair, Composite Material, 2011
704 x 956 x 642 mm / 27.2 x 37.6 x 25.3 in

An extraordinary iteration of a traditional office chair and desk, Double Agent Suite is designed to streamline the workflow of a 21st century executive. Expansive yet intimate, the desk is marked by winged work surfaces blended by a range of layers and contours connected by a raised storage hub that create centrally positioned cavities. While the chair is marked by the homogeneity of disparate parts fused into a fluid volume frozen from a dynamic system.

Double Agent Suite is made in the UK in conjunction with automotive specialists. The chair and desk are formed of lightweight composites and finished in a high gloss metallic black. The desk and chair suite create a bridge between its conceptual framework and advanced manufacturing practices whilst encouraging the user to occupy its post-lubricious landscape.

Preview – Double Agent Desk

Double Agent Suite, 2011 Posted on Dec 08, 2010 12:39:54

Coming Soon….

Double Agent Suite, 2011 Posted on Nov 30, 2010 17:26:13