A methodically engineered construction in which structure creates surface, Contoured Crater Desk appears to float in weightlessness with its fifty birch ply plates stretched between two pools of stainless steel. At the top, a broad patch of brushed stainless steel defines a writing surface. While at the base, a mirror polished steel slab anchors the birch ply plates and reflects their ascent to a cantilever.

Embedded within the desk are lead ballast counterweights which further stabilize the construct. Material is extracted from the desk’s core to form a side table assembly and offset the buildup of mass, leaving behind a Fontana-esque crater which serves as vertical storage.

Birch Ply, Stainless Steel, Lead Ballast
2224 x 1004 x 756 mm / 87.5 x 39.5 x 29.8 in

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Limited to 10 + 2P